Editorial Review Manuscripts: You may submit two (2) manuscripts (includes book proposals or query letters) of previously unpublished material for critique by a publisher or editor of your choice. Never send your only copy - keep your original and send copies. The attached or enclosed manuscript submission forms are to be completed and attached to each manuscript, book proposal or query letter. If you want help in choosing an editor do not complete Editorial Review by: ______ on the form and the manuscript processing staff will choose the editor that seems most appropriate for your work.

Please send your manuscripts in prior to the conference so that we may give them to the publisher/editor you have selected. After the editorial review your manuscript and critique will be returned to you. Should an editor want an appointment to discuss your manuscript this will be noted on the critique sheet attached to your returned manuscript.

Manuscript CPR: You may bring two (2) unpublished manuscripts for consultation with freelance authors. Manuscripts in this category include those that may have been rejected, need a final polish, or seem "flat" and need suggestions to improve them to "wow" a waiting editor! On Friday and Saturday afternoon you may go to the CPR clinic for an appointment with freelance authors. They are available to read your manuscript on the spot, meet with you and give you their expert critique and marketing advice. Please note: Participation in the Manuscript CPR program is limited to full-time participants.

Staff & Faculty: Please check the website of all the publishers listed on our website www.flwriters.org to get an overview of topics they are publishing. Most publishers have current online catalogs and other information available which will help you select the editor for editorial review. If you are unsure which editor/publisher is best for your project the manuscript submission team will make the selection for you (check manuscript submission form).

Submit typed, double-spaced pages with your name on each page and mail manuscripts for Editorial Review to:
Billie Wilson
2344 Armour Ct. Titusville FL 32780.
Mailing deadline - February 22nd.
After February 22nd please bring manuscripts with you to registration. Do not submit your original manuscript.