Lodging - Meals - Meeting Rooms: The Lake Yale Conference Center near Leesburg FL hosts the writers conference including food, lodging and meeting rooms.

Lake Yale is a non-smoking, alcohol prohibited facility
Lodging rooms are motel type with 2 queen beds or 1 king bed and private bath. All linens are furnished. Meals are served via serving line with a choice from two entrees, plus salad bar and dessert selections. Lake Yale is a compact campus with all conference meetings in the Raintree building. A few of the mentoring tracks will be in the McGuire building. To get a layout of the conference center go www.lybcc.com Driving instructions and map are also available on website www.lybcc.com

Air Travelers: Shuttle service from the Orlando airport (MCO). Please send flight info i.e. airline, flight number and time of arrival ASAP including your CELL #. We will send you shuttle directions once we receive your flight information and make up the shuttle log. We will be using professional shuttle service and private volunteer drivers to meet flights during hours not feasible for the shuttle service. Should any problems occur please call 321-269-5831.